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Whether you are looking to buy or sell your home in Ithaca or its surrounding area, Irene is there to handle every detail, and does whatever it takes to make your transaction a success.

And in order to get you there, she provides a variety of free real estate reports that can make your next move smooth and painless. Filled with valuable insight and information, these reports are the easiest way to gain a competitive advantage in today's real estate market.

Simply select from the reports below, and Irene will send you a guide with the exclusive information you requested.

Special Reports
HOME BUYERS: How to Avoid Paying Too Much
Simply put, paying too much can jeopardize the integrity of your investment. Here's vital information to help you avoid overpaying for your home.
HOME BUYERS: The 10 Hottest Properties
If you are interested in buying a home in Ithaca or the surrounding area, request this special report. It's important to be informed before making any real estate investment.
HOME SELLERS: A Critical Guide to Home Loans: Your Options and How They Affect Your Future
Choosing the right mortgage will affect your very financial future. Here's information to help you weigh your options and make a sound decision.
HOME SELLERS: 29 Essential Tips that get Homes Sold Fast (and for Top Dollar)
Selling your home can affect your financial future. Here's information that can help you efficiently sell your home and maximize your investment.
HOME SELLERS: The Last 10 Properties Sold in Your Area (And Their Selling Prices)
This valuable information is available at no further obligation to you and can make a big difference as you prepare to sell your home.
Relocation Guide
"The No-Stress, No-Hassle Guide to Relocating to Ithaca, New York"
Here are just a few things Irene has included to make your relocation as smooth as possible:
  • A complete map of the Ithaca area, including streets, beaches, nature preserves, parks and public areas, shopping centers and major landmarks.
  • Guides to popular restaurants, shops, attractions and cultural events around Ithaca.
  • An insightful, step-by-step relocation checklist, including things you'll need to do in your current home, things to have taken care of in Ithaca before you arrive, and what needs to be done once you get here.
  • Referral listings for Irene's hand-selected and highly recommended team of local professionals, including loan officers, accountants, lawyers, decorators, remodeling and construction companies, financial planners, house cleaners, landscapers and other services.
  • A complete listing of area utility companies, banks and other important services.
  • A current copy of the local newspaper so you can read up on all the latest news in your new home town.
  • Or, send Irene a message now, and let her know what kind of information you would most like to have about Ithaca. She'll send a customized package designed just for you.

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