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When Irene Wang first arrived in Ithaca more than twenty years ago, she found it to be as different as night and day from her homeland in Taiwan. Since that time, she has raised a family and taught her three children about the many wonderful differences between the two cultures.

Irene is someone who really appreciates the many things Ithaca has to offer, and now she is making a difference herself. As a Realtor® in Ithaca and its surrounding communities, Irene is using her knowledge of the area and her expertise to show home buyers and sellers what a difference perseverance and hard work can make. As part of her superior service, she offers free special reports without any obligation to those that request them.

When you need to find a real estate agent who can make a positive difference in your future, call Irene Wang. She is earning the reputation as the local professional who is making A World of Difference.

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